At Legacy, we don't have clients, we have partners.

We believe that a partnership is the most successful way to manage everything, from a family to a corporation. Our partners are involved in every step of the process and have vital input into how their social media presence is managed. 


Tier 1: $500/month

Basic Partnership Package Includes:

  • Management of your online presence across multiple social media platforms 
  • Personalized insights into your business or organization's advertising performance and market response
  • Up to five personalized posts per week with strategized market targeting
  • Personal blog management


Tier 2: $1000/Month

Premium Partnership Package Includes:

  • All of Tier One's benefits
  • Personalized bi-weekly or monthly newsletter
  • Personalized click funnels for specificied targeting
  • Exclusive pricing packages towards services from
    The Legacy Artisans Collective
  • Management of up to three different accounts
  • Weekly analytics reports on your pages' performances


Custom Packages Available Upon Request

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All photography provided by Jared Chambers